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 Cobel Darou Co. was established in the form of a private company in 2001 with the purpose of providing the medication needed by the patients in the country especially the specialized medications. This company is active in the field of import, registration, introduction and distribution of general and specialized medications. However, in 2009, Cobel Darou Co. bought the shares of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals and entered into the field of production of advanced medications in the country, and since then it has conducted new activities in relation to transfer of modern technologies from multinational companies to Iran. Commercial reputation of this company has led to obtaining the necessary capabilities and competencies for receiving the license for production of specialized products in Iran from the reputed international companies. 



Adoora Teb Co. started its activity in 2009 with the purpose of distribution and sale of medications, health and cosmetic products for direct supply of the products through the wide network for medication distribution in the country under supervision and support of Cobel Darou Co. and Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals Now, it provides service to the pharmacies and medical centers by having more than 400 experienced human resources and expertise and with over 12000 square meters of storage and 25 distribution and sale centers. All the activities of this company are aimed in line with achievement of the objectives of quality guarantee and the obligations of GSP & GDP standards and in this way, it has secured the fifth rank among the top pharmaceutical distribution companies.            





Sanofi Aventis Co., with more than 100000 personnel and active presence in over 100 countries, is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and has developed its pharmaceutical activities in Iran since 2002 and has covered different medical areas in the country. In line with its long-term and constructive objectives in different medical areas, the company has presented different medications in different medical branches and since 2009, it has produced Plavix with cooperation of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals in Iran.