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Corporate social responsibility is the corporate responsibility against the society, people and the environment in which the organization is active and this responsibility is beyond the economic considerations. The corporates, like the citizens of a society, have come to this understanding that they are formed by the society and they take their rules from the society in which they are active and they should relate their roles, restrictions and aims besides the complete understanding of the environmental and social impacts and responsibilities.

Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals has conducted effective actions in line with its social responsibilities and protecting the environment. Some of these actions are as the following:

_ Presenting medications to the poor patients in the deprived regions of the country

_ Visiting the nursery centers and the centers under coverage of National Welfare Organization and supporting them financially

_ Construction of 1500 square meters of green space, which is a step in purification of urban air in addition to making a beautiful place for the personnel.

_ Construction of industrial wastewater treatment plant which prevents the pollution of surface water and groundwater in addition to providing the water needed for irrigation of the green space through sewage and wastewater treatment.

_ Prevention of the emission and distribution of pollution in the environment by eliminating the pharmaceutical wastes through reputable companies of the Department of Environment.​