Our Mission

Apart from age, sex, tribe, religion and culture, all humans deserve to live a healthy life.

Having this belief in mind, Abidi Family has always been intending to internalize the culture of quality in their minds and hearts and have a role in promotion of health and improvement of quality of life of people in society.

We develop our academic potencies by transfer of knowledge from international partners and relying on the culture of organizational learning. We are bound to let everyone access to our updated medical strategies.

We will be always bound to quality and innovation to make a better future and healthier society.


The pharmacy industry in Iran is profoundly mingled with Dr. Gholamali Abidi’s name. In 1946, Dr. Abidi established the first pharmacy laboratory of Iran centered on quality and innovation. As a pioneer in drug industry, Dr. Abidi Pharmacy has always provided the most up-to-date strategies and takes steps for promotion of health and improvement of life quality of the Iranians.

Dr. Abidi Pharmacy a Member of Cobel Group

Cobel Group is active as a pioneer group in drug and health industry with an integrated structure and with collaboration of several international companies such as SANOFI, AstraZeneca, Novartis and Sinton.

The group comprising Dr. Abidi Pharmacy and Cobel Daru and Adura Teb Companies is active in 13 medical groups. The group companies work as follows:


Nationwide distribution to pharmacies


Registration, production, import


Product development and production

Management Structure

Providing specialized, talented and motivated people is vital to realize a great objective. In Dr. Abidi Pharmacy, senior managers apply honesty, skill, and knowledge for policymaking and determining policies.

Quality, Abidi’s Most Valuable Legacy

As founder of pharmacy industry in Iran, Dr. Abidi supplied the greatest service to the health of all Iranians by internalizing quality.

We take our best to put quality above everything we think and act.

Abidi Colleague Companies


Sinton Company was established in 1991 in the Netherlands aiming to produce generic and specialized drugs. With a brilliant background about transfer of knowledge and technology, production of medicine and supplying raw materials, the company cooperates with over 200 large pharmaceuticals.
Sinton is the strategic partner of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals in transfer of technology for production of medicine for special diseases.


The company is British-Swedish which started its business in 1991 and is known one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the world.
Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals has been approved by this company since 2017 for production of the licensed medicine.
The Abidi Team has been trained accordingly in quality and technical aspects of products at the location of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.


The French Company SANOFI has over 100,000 personnel and supplies its products in more than 170 countries. It is known as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies throughout the globe.
The cooperation between Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals and SANOFI began in 2008. At present, products such as Plavix, TELFAST, Depakin, and Stilnox are produced in Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals under the license of SANOFI.